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social sciences

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In addition, by offering programs to support the General Education program, the College offers students with a broad basis within the liberal arts. Social Sciences are these disciplines that examine institutions and functioning of human society and the interpersonal relationships of people as members of society; a specific section or aspect of human society. historiography is regarded by many as a social science, and certain areas of historical examine are nearly indistinguishable from work carried out within the social sciences. Most historians, nevertheless, contemplate history as one of many humanities.


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In the past, Sovietology was always thought of a social science self-discipline, in contrast to Russian Studies. Strictly speaking, the social sciences, as distinct and recognized academic disciplines, emerged solely on the cusp of the 20th century. But one should go back farther in time for the origins of a few of their basic concepts and goals. In the most important sense, the origins go all the best way again to the traditional Greeks and their rationalist inquiries into human nature, the state, and morality.