Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act

developmental disabilities

Although outmoded and offensive phrases may be discovered inside documents on the Department’s web site, the Department does not endorse these terms. is to supply opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and families to enhance independence, productiveness and inclusion. This clinic on the University of Washington School of Dentistry provides dental care for individuals with developmental and purchased disabilities.

developmental disabilities

Delayed tooth eruption may happen in children with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome. Children could not get their first baby tooth till they’re 2 years old.

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Cardiac disorders, particularly mitral valve prolapse and heart valve damage, are frequent in individuals with developmental disabilities corresponding to Down syndrome. Consult a cardiologist to determine the necessity for pre-treatment antibiotics.

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Damaging oral habits such as teeth grinding and clenching, meals pouching, mouth respiration, and tongue thrusting is usually a drawback for people with developmental disabilities. Malocclusion occurs in many people with developmental disabilities, which can make chewing and talking troublesome and improve the risk of periodontal illness, dental caries, and oral trauma. Latex allergies may be more probably in people with developmental disabilities.

Providing oral care to patients with developmental disabilities requires adaptation of the abilities you utilize every day. Most people with mild or moderate developmental disabilities can be treated efficiently within the basic follow setting. Some folks with developmental disabilities may find flossing an actual problem. You might must do the flossing yourself, or obtain aids similar to floss holders or floss picks.