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If the spell has a 24-hour duration or larger, divide the cost in half. This price is only for spells activated by the item which have materials or XP elements. Having a spell with a costly part as a prerequisite does not routinely incur this price if the merchandise doesn’t really cast the spell. The creator additionally needs a reasonably quiet, comfortable, and nicely-lit place during which to work. Any place suitable for getting ready spells is suitable for making gadgets. Creating an merchandise requires at some point per 1,000 gp in the item’s base worth, with a minimum of at least one day. Potions are an exception to this rule; they at all times take simply one day to brew.

The caster stage of all spells in a employees must be the same, and no workers can have a caster degree of less than eighth, even when all of the spells in the staff are low-degree spells. All writing implements and supplies used to scribe a scroll have to be recent and unused. A character should pay the complete price for scribing each spell scroll irrespective of how many instances she beforehand has scribed the identical spell. To create a scroll, a character wants a provide of choice writing supplies, the price of which is subsumed in the price for scribing the scroll—12.5 gp × the level of the spell × the level of the caster.

The creator of a potion wants a stage working surface and no less than a couple of containers during which to combine liquids, in addition to a source of heat to boil the brew. The prices for supplies and elements are subsumed in the price for brewing the potion—25 gp × the level of the spell × the extent of the caster. To create magic armor, a character needs a warmth source and some iron, wooden, or leatherworking tools. He also needs a provide of supplies, the most obvious being the armor or the pieces of the armor to be assembled.

The character should spend the gold and XP firstly of the construction process. Armor, shields, weapons, and objects with a value independent of their magically enhanced properties add their merchandise cost to the market worth. The item price does not affect the bottom value , however it does increase the final market value. Note that each one objects have conditions of their descriptions. Most of the time, they take the form of spells that should be identified by the item’s creator . They make investments time, cash, and their own personal vitality in an merchandise’s creation.

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physical competence

Creating Wondrous Objects

Armor to be made into magic armor should be masterwork armor, and the masterwork value is added to the base value to find out ultimate market value. Additional magic provides costs for the supplies are subsumed in the cost for creating the magic armor—half the bottom price of the item. Prices presented in the magic item descriptions (the gold piece worth following the item’s caster stage) are the market value, which is mostly twice what it costs the creator to make the item. If a continuous item has an impact based on a spell with a period measured in rounds, multiply the cost by four. If the length of the spell is 1 minute/degree, multiply the cost by 2, and if the period is 10 minutes/degree, multiply the cost by 1.5.