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Talk together with your youngsters about all of the issues they will do with their eyes—blink, stare, wink. Make faces within the mirror with your youngsters—transfer your tongue, make a kiss, wiggle your nostril. Give your children a limited alternative of what to wear. Ask them why they chose the clothes they did. Ask your children to match a shoe with a shoe, a sock with a sock. Ask your kids to kind and stack their laundry by placing all like things together corresponding to underwear in a single pile, socks in another.

Try on totally different pieces of the fire fighter’s uniform. Ask your children what they think every article of clothes is for, what they suppose the equipment does. Ask your kids to select three or 4 books, data or tapes to check out and take home. While walking around the park, ask your children to walk fast, walk gradual, or run safely. Encourage your youngsters to explain all of the issues they really feel or expertise. Ask your youngsters to talk about the sounds they hear and the place they could be coming from.

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Ask your kids in regards to the makes use of of the gadgets within the drawers. Ask your children to place all of the like issues together, such as corks or rubber bands. Every family most likely has a surprise drawer—the one drawer where all the odds and ends are put. When the shock drawer is for youngsters, it ought to be in a safe and accessible location, corresponding to a bottom drawer.

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Ask your children the place they assume the animals stay, how the insects construct their properties, the place they get their food. Tell your kids the names of the animals and bugs they see and hear. If your kids are preschoolers, let them add to the collections from “junk” you do not need anymore. Using margarine tubs or other small containers, ask your kids to scrub out, kind, and put back the contents of the drawer. Ask your youngsters in regards to the “feel” of the gadgets—tough or clean, slippery or sticky, hard or soft. Your kids can draw round a number of the gadgets to make photos with the shapes.

learning activities

Make positive all the objects are protected earlier than you give them to your youngsters. Practice well being and safety habits in the rest room together with your children. Encourage your children to clean their arms and face, brush their tooth, and comb their hair.